Analytical Testing Services

GAAS Analytical is an independent contract testing laboratory for natural products, botanical drugs, phytochemicals, and dietary supplements. We test raw materials, intermediates and finished products according to cGMP regulations for identity and purity. Where they exist, we use regulatory and widely accepted industry methods (USP, AOAC, INA). When these methods do not yet exist,, GAAS has a track record of developing new in-house methods for novel and difficult analyses. Many of these have since been accepted by as official USP standards. Our laboratory is DEA registered and cGMP compliant, offering reliable and accurate results, timely turnaround times, and unsurpassed responsiveness.

We specialize in testing:

Raw Materials

The raw materials are the most important part of a retail product. Moreover, testing your raw materials is required under the dietary supplement cGMP regulation. We offer a full array of raw material testing that meet GMP, USP and FDA guidelines.

Finished Products

Every sample is unique, and GAAS specializes in adapting. We offer analytical testing for all forms of natural products/dietary supplements, including tablets, capsules, softgels, powders, tinctures, oils, extracts and beadlets. The journey doesn�t stop at analysis: we work with you to determine the underlying cause of any unexpected results.

Stability Testing

GAAS Analytical offers stability protocols for your products according to the ICH Guidelines. GAAS can provide you the accelerated 3 month data for immediate market release and then follow with the 2-year room temperature stability data to defend your expiration date claim.

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Method Development and Validation

Backed by Dr. S�lyom�s 30 years of research experience, GAAS specializes in developing new analytical methods for difficult-to-test products. Our validation protocols follow industry standards such as the ICH, USP, AOAC or the FDA�s Guidance on Bio-analytical Methods Validation as required. We can work closely with you to customize our protocols to accommodate our client�s individual needs and expectations and develop methods that are cost effective and produce timely results.

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Training & Consulting

In addition to our in-house testing, GAAS provides high quality training and consulting on a variety of topics. GAAS can help quickly integrate instruments and software into your laboratory setup, decrease support costs, ensure employee development and achieve operational excellence and growth. We provide real-world case studies and one-on-one interaction. After attending a training session, attendees will be able to immediately implement practices and put the information learned into action.

Aniko has particular expertise on Agilent HPLC systems (e.g., Agilent 1100, 1200, and 1000RR), the Agilent 6400 Triple Quadropole, and the Agilent 6220 series Accurate Mass TOF and MSD trap. In addition, she is an expert in the associated OpenLab, ChemStation and MassHunter software suites

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Expert Testimony

GAAS Analytical can offer true end-to-end analytical services to both protect against litigation as well as support companies during litigation.

Among our supported services are:

  • Expert witness for analytical or quality issues.
  • False advertising claims related to product content.
  • Raw material disputes.
  • Contract manufacturing disputes.
  • Mediation where analytical data is in question.

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