Analytical Services

GAAS Analytical provides a wide range of analytical services for quality control of both raw materials and finished products. We specialize in the analysis of botanicals and dietary supplements, although we also offer analysis for many common compounds. A full list of compounds can be found in our list of services; or, feel free to contact us to request a quote for any compound or service not already listed.

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Method Development & Consulting

In addition to routine analysis, GAAS offers both method development and consulting services. GAAS is confident in its ability to develop novel methods for compounds which have no existing method developed. For even more specialized needs, GAAS offers consulting services ranging from in-house analysis, expert testimony, or training on a range of analytical techniques and machines.

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Confidence In Our Results

GAAS provides analytical reports which make manufacturer compliance with FDA regulations for dietary supplements easy. Our reports go above and beyond what is required to include:

  • A detailed description of the analytical method and associated literature.
  • A 5 point calibration curve at the beginning and end of each sequence.
  • Chromatograms of the samples and standards.
  • Multiple measurements of and statistical analysis for each sample.


GAAS Analytical is among the absolute best in the trade! Their expertise in the lab and level of customer service is hard to beat. Extremely thorough and easy to read reports and assays. Highly recommended.

— Jeff Gordley, NutraMedix

We have utilized Dr. Solyom's expertise for analytical projects, but also to provide consultation on various aspects of botanical extracts and methods. Her experience and depth of knowledge in this realm of natural materials is unexcelled, and has been very helpful in growing our business.

— David Fondots, Extracts & Ingredients ltd.

...[Aniko] has been a great help to me; Dr. Aniko has an excellent knowledge of LC and also providing technical expertise and solutions...I would highly recommend her services to anyone who has need of such services.

— Hossain Monazzami, Kalil Bottling Co.

After 4 years of contracting with GAAS Corporation, we consider them to be a model laboratory in the natural product and dietary supplement industry. ... Integrally quality-driven, they are backed by equally superior customer service. ... [GAAS] remains our "go-to" contract analytical laboratory.

— Bailey Davis, Wellome Sciences